2015 Midwest Propane Gas Convention & Trade Show

015 Midwest Propane Gas Convention & Trade Show

PREMIER TRAINING OPPORTUNITY – Regular author in BPN, LPGas, Propane Canada, Breaking Energy, and more – Bill Stomp returns to share Technology Secrets from Propane Insiders…

How Smarter, Easier, Smaller Handsets are Revolutionizing Propane Delivery

Learn the industry answers from propane insiders to question like:

  • What is better – a tablet, smartphone or something else for drivers and techs?
  • How can we increase profits from new technology?
  • How can we cut our operating costs via new software and in cab computers?
  • What device do more, cost less and can be replaced for free down the road?
  • What are the pitfalls, the downside and the mistakes to avoid?
  • How does it work and how does it save us time and money?

Hear the lessons learned and tips from others on how the new wave of technology will help you improve safety and gain a competitive advantage quickly. Fun, easy to understand and new, fresh information told in a way that makes sense.

Time – 9.10 AM10.15 AM

Date – 7th May 2015

8700 Lyra Drive
Columbus, OH 43240
Direct number (614) 885-1600
or toll free (888) 864-8055

Learning Objectives:

  1. The “How To’s” for choosing, installing and then getting benefits from new handsets, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  2. Lessons learned the hard way by other propane delivery companies who bought and replaced new handset technology
  3. Benchmarks to ensure profit attainment – the path to profits
  4. Technology is changing fast….what are the real itemized features/functions that work well and are needed in our industry?
  5. Hidden costs, hidden safety and security costs that must be considered
  6. Quick comprehensive comparison of technologies

Session Description:

Many propane companies are trying to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits to new technology?
  2. What are the best practice ways of using it that will bring bottom line profit improvements?
  3. What are the quantifiable (real) cost savings and efficiencies (that my peers are verifying) available?

The Path to Improved Profits via new handsets is a mystery and can/will be demystified in this presentation. We will use a case study company (or two), break down the manifold tools available in mobile handsets and dispatching suites today. These tools bring historical cost savings and efficiencies that can be added up to see the final savings summary customized to each company. Business is about actions taken or not taken. Businesses who are hustling to outperform their competition, cut costs, be more competitive against electricity and nat. gas are looking for the competitive edge. Our armed forces uses technology to get a competitive edge (I am a war veteran who did just this), our best businesses use technology to get a competitive edge (What we will be discussing is identical to what FedEx and UPS delivery companies are discussing) and the best propane companies are doing the same.
We will unveil the best practices, hard won experiences of the best propane companies on installing and using new generation mobile technology that brings the computer automation long experienced in the offices out into the field in ways it never has in the past.
The PERC executives said it well “We are totally behind this technology as it helps our propane industry better compete with electricty, Nat gas, wood, wood pellets, etc”. This presentation will enable propane companies to move beyond what technology should I choose and into the real world of “now that I have it how to I get the most out of it?” That is a harder and higher level conversation. Technology level 2 conversation.

What is new or unique about the information presented?

Having personally managed over 90 individual propane companies (divisions) each with between 2-18 bobtails I’ve seen and worked with every configuration of propane company driving profits, increasing efficiencies and leveraging technology to do this. We will dive in to the gritty world of implementation and execution with a focus on quantifiable cost reductions achieved by each tool in the new technology tool box. The comprehensive nature of this conversation has not been covered in any of the benchmark groups, nor in any of the trade shows. The level of complexity inherent in technology and the time it takes to do so makes it more and more difficult to get ones arms around it…this will short cut, summarize and simplify to action steps that are achievable, attainable and profitable.

About the speaker

Bill Stomp has managed multiple propane companies east of the Mississippi. As a Naval Academy grad he quickly learned how technology helps win wars while leading an intel fusion cell for the Admiral’s battle group. In the propane delivery industry he has successfully led hands on operational implementation of technology to improve delivery and dispatching efficiencies resulting in cost reductions of over $30,000 per bobtail in the companies he personally managed. He has since joined Digital Dispatcher as their VP helping propane companies across N.America implement cutting edge handset and dispatching technology to reduce their costs, simplify their lives and be happier.

Warm regards,

Bill Stomp

Vice President & Senior Consultant – Digital Dispatcher