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Dispatch with Extreme . . . Accuracy: Mobilizing the Use of Mobile Devices

A point of qualification about technology and the propane delivery industry: We have a mobile workforce, not a mobilized one. That distinction is critical because, despite the tens of millions of smartphones and tablets that Canadians and Americans own or operate, despite our appetite for gossip concerning the latest

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Family Traditions and New Beginnings: The Power of Innovative Technology

Family-run businesses can be both a challenge to run and an honor to uphold. Indeed, the majority of such companies are just that: Complex enterprises that have layers of operation and inherited traits – a business has its own personality and customs

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Mobile Workforce Management Solution

In the propane industry, where deliveries are a daily mainstay of activity there must be a better resource to maximize this dynamic profession, and get real-information about the activities of each employee. Indeed, the purpose of having a mobile workforce management solution – for which the technology alread..

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BPN – Propane Industry Wish List

Fuel Delivery Companies 2014 wish list…

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