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A Legacy of Trust and Trusted Service: Lessons from Boyle Energy

Instead, it involves building trust within a community – and delivering trusted service to the citizens of that community.
These strengths are the result of time, which is how a legacy takes root

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Simplify and Clarify: Using Technology to Uncover Hidden Savings

Here is a simple question for every executive and business owner: What is your definition of technology, as a subject, and as a practical resource involving the way you run your company? The answer to that query reveals a wealth of information, from the way a business operates and manages the

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Mobile But Not Mobilized: The Necessity of Real-Time Intelligence

For executives who envision the creation of a mobile workforce, or for those who mistakenly believe they already have such a thing, I have some cautionary news. Any so-called mobile workforce is mobile, yes, since employees are physically on the go, but it is not mobilized:

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Tradition and Innovation: Enhancing the Value of a Trusted Brand and Increasing Efficiency with New Technology

The challenge every executive faces, at some point or another, involves innovation. Specifically, the issue is one of identifying, embracing and actualizing change – innovative change – that can make a business more transparent, unified, efficient and communicative.

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Innovation with Practical and Immediate Benefits: Technology and Trucking for Absolute Efficiency

Technology and innovation are often synonymous, but the facts tell a different story. For, without the right kind of technology – and without the right experts to apply, manage or enhance this technology – innovation is improbable, delay is inevitable and efficiency is impossible.

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The Fully Mobilized Workforce: and Real-Time Intelligence

The biggest challenge to having a fully mobilized workforce, where you, as a business owner or
manager can see and help your employees in real-time, has nothing to do with security, cost,
functionality or availability. Those issues are non-issues..

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Business Leadership and Brand History, or: Trust, Quality and Value

One of the recurring themes to business leadership, in my meetings with executives and salespeople, is a commitment to core principles: Trust, quality and value. The latter signifies both the rewards of an affordable product or service, as well as values, plural, which are the lifeblood…

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A Name with Substance: The Duties of Running a Family-Owned Business

In my writings and observations about various companies, I believe the most influential
brands are also the most intimate businesses: Organizations with an interest in their
respective communities, visible by their presence on the byways and highways of a city,
their vehicles en route from a commercial enterprise…

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Virtue, Liberty and Independence: Running a Business Based on Universal Ideals

As someone who believes the best business education is outside, the community-asclassroom,
I am partial to the lessons contained within the Keystone State, the Quaker
State, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; where history…

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