Custom Flat Rate

Custom Flat Rate

Increase Service Revenues and Capture True Costs

The Digital Dispatcher Flat Rate Billing system is customized to the services, inventory, labor rate, and markup structure of your business.

  • Immediately improve service revenues
  • Reduce customer complaints — prevent sticker shock
  • Minimize invoice errors – technicians copy right from the manual
  • Increase technician morale – better understanding of parts and materials costs
  • Lower technician anxiety about charging for parts and materials
  • Eliminate the oversized, mostly irrelevant, code book

Minor labor rate adjustments make a sizable impact in profits (see table)

Labor Rate Increase (hour)

























  • Increase Service Agreement sales and Equipment Replacement sales!
  • Built-in import functionality for various suppliers – use supplier part numbers and easily update prices as supplier costs change.
  • Tele-support available for Coaching, Training and Implementation to maximize results!

Industry experience has proven that there are 3 major benefits to flat rate pricing:

  • Improved Profitability
  • Better Customer Service
  • Lower Technician anxiety about billing customer

Increase Profits immediately without adding additional payroll or vehicle assets. Reduce administrative and operational costs with a solution that has been the industry leader for over 12 years.