Digital Dispatcher vs Fleet Navigator

The Fleet Navigator alternative you’ve been looking for.


Digital Dispatcher has a combined solution for Propane/Diesel/Heating Oil delivery Plus Fleet Fueling Plus Service Techs all on One tablet or smartphone so you can do more with less cost.

No contracts. Easy, Fast Install

Start dispatching in hours.

More deliveries. Less hassles

  • Delivery automation: 20% more deliveries per day.
  • Instant Dispatch: send drivers/techs their jobs in a click.
  • Optimized routes: a perfect route every time.
  • Cloud based: dispatch from anywhere
  • Easy to use: designed for and by drivers and dispatchers.
  • Automated Tracking: Know where your trucks are, what jobs are done/undone and inventory.

So affordable. So easy to use.

Are you searching for a practical, powerful, and affordable alternative to Fleet Navigator? Digital Dispatcher is the secret weapon used by hundreds of fuel delivery companies to get better results, in less time. Our smartphone/tablet based delivery software is connected to a cloud based dispatch solution that lets you dispatch from anywhere! Eliminate paperwork, simplify delivery, easy “click-send” dispatch plus simplified end of day batch posting. Connects into every register and every accounting software package. Digital Dispatcher – faster results, no drudgery.


Easy setup. Cancel anytime. Start “digital dispatching” today!
Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge you for OBC’s.

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Connects to your accounting software.

Routes, Dispatches and manages deliveries

Drivers get new or change orders with the click of a mouse

Work is exported to your accounting software

Get a demo today and discover an alternative to manual dispatching and fuel delivery that powers the efforts of thousands of fuel drivers. With Digital Dispatcher, you’ll deliver up to 20% more deliveries without working harder. By using tablets and smartphones it’s more reliable, durable and easy to use. Call today for you demo 888-426-6764.

“Much Easier to use!”


“After using Digital Dispatcher for years and testing many other In-Cab computers I still say that this is the easiest and most logical software we could find. We have dozens of delivery drivers spread out across the state and we needed something reliable, rugged and real easy to use, this helps us deliver more stops every day. We don’t have to pull over to the side of the road to take notes from the office they just send it to us so we can focus on safe and efficient fuel delivery. Best one on the market”

Todd Nickerson

Trusted by thousands of fuel drivers