Digital Dispatcher vs GPS Tracking

Delivery Automation vs.
GPS Fleet Tracking


Digital Dispatcher is not a gps fleet tracker or a route optimization too. It’s a delivery automation tool so it combines fleet tracking, route optimization and much more. Here’s the difference and what it means to you.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

What is a gps tracking solution tool? Gps solutions track your fleet via a device attached to your truck and report the location information to your office when the vehicle is “seen” by the satellites. They are reliable and report vehicle location, speed and more. Helpful for knowing where your trucks and drivers are for better management and for dispatching emergency orders. They do a nice job but are not connected to your turn by turn navigation, route optimization software, to your accounting software nor to the fuel meters or registers.

Fuel delivery is hard. While gps tracking is good as a stand alone tool, the fuel delivery industry requires a tool that can talk to the accounting package, the register, the turn by turn navigation system, the dispatching suite and much more.

Delivery Automation – That’s Us!

Digital Dispatcher is a Delivery Automation tool. That means you get all the critical benefits of Fleet tracking and Route Optimization for free…bundled into one system that also connects you right into all activity at the fuel meter registers AND prints delivery tickets at each stop. You have complete control over deliveries remotely, wirelessly and in close to real time. Bolts right on to your accounting software. You control deliveries on a mapped dispatcher software suite… you know how much fuel they have onboard, what jobs they did and what are left along with all delivery ticket details. You know what is going on with all your trucks remotely and can upload all to your accounting software with one click. You, your office and your drivers are more productive, fresher, and a whole lot happier!

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“I’ve been using Digital Dispatcher for years and so has my team. It allows us to deliver more with fewer trucks and drivers. It also enables me to eliminate paper ticket processing so we can go paperless for delivery. Since we can dispatch and manage delivery related customer service we are able to grow without adding internal staff. My drivers like it because it’s easy to use. The dashboard and reporting definitely does a great job of keeping my office engaged and plugged in. Thank you Digital Dispatcher team!”

Max Kimlin

Connects to your accounting software.

Routes, Dispatches and manages deliveries

Drivers get new or change orders with the click of a mouse

Work is exported to your accounting software

Get a demo today and discover an alternative to manual dispatching and fuel delivery that powers the efforts of thousands of fuel drivers. With Digital Dispatcher, you’ll deliver up to 20% more deliveries without working harder. By using tablets and smartphones it’s more reliable, durable and easy to use. Call today for you demo 888-426-6764.

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