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Say It with Enthusiasm and Express It with a Conversational Tone: The Need for More Public Speakers on Behalf of Fuel and Oil News

But for a series of TV commercials, advertorials and the corporate equivalent of public service announcements (PSAs), with an executive dressed in a “uniform” of a half-zippered, fleece vest, a button-down shirt, pleated khaki pants and brown walking shoes

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A Legacy of Trust and Trusted Service: Lessons from Boyle Energy

These strengths are the result of time, which is how a legacy takes root within a city, suburb or neighborhood; it is how, in the case of a family-run business like Boyle Energy, which delivers heating oil and provides heating and cooling systems to clients throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, a company can maintain more than 75 years of pride and longevity while embracing the most innovative forms of mobile technology.

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Warmth and Light: Selecting the Right Mobile Device (App) for the Heating Oil Industry

To be clear: I do not mean to suggest – and I have no reason to accuse – designers and programmers, many of whom work remotely and operate overseas, of intentionally producing inferior applications that either try to do too many things (and none of them well), or releasing services riddled with coding errors and no system of support…..

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The Paperless Office and the strengths of a mobilized Workforce

The energy industry is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation,Strong words to be sure but accurate ones too,because this change is a technological one…

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Simplify and Clarify: Using Technology to Uncover Hidden Savings

Here is a simple question for every executive and business owner: What is your definition of technology, as a subject, and as a practical resource involving the way you run your company? The answer to that query reveals a wealth of information, from the way a business operates and manages the flow of information to how an organization collects and analyzes data, as well as the investment priorities a company sets for itself.

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IT For Fuel Delivery

With mobile communications and computer software, fuel oil dealers can automate much of their delivery and management processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Implementing such technology also accelerates the invoicing process, which can be a boon to the bottom line.

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Dispatching and Driver Communications Roundup

For fleet managers of mobile fueling companies looking to run their business as tightly as possible, communication is a lifeline. Keeping tabs on mobile fueling trucks is now becoming easier with new technology that helps monitor the inventory as well as driver practices.

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Change is Good: New dispatching solution unburdens the work force at Valley Oil

When a current operational procedure involves hours and can be replaced by a procedure that takes minutes, then change is good. Valley Oil of Hopewell, N.J., identified a number of core operational procedures that burdened management, office staff and field personnel.

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