Hall Trask Truck Outfitter and Repair Company Applauds Digital Dispatcher

Mike Trask, Vice President
Hall Trask Corp.
Braintree, MA

As a 50-year-old, multi-location company building and servicing tank trucks and bobtails in New England, Hall Trask has seen it all regarding mobile technology and installations in fuel trucks. Known for their quality workmanship and industry expertise, Hall Trask is viewed as a dependable resource by many.

In their several locations, they are often called upon to install, repair, and replace in-cab field technology. “We’ve probably installed every mobile field computer and technology equipment in the market,” said Mike Trask, co-owner and business development manager for Hall Trask. “Since we repair the equipment for companies across New England, we see which systems are prone to failure, which systems are getting pulled out, and which are replacing them,” explained Trask.

Having reliable equipment is vital for delivery companies that cannot afford to have down time in peak season. “There is an unseen cost to some hand-held or in-cab technology solutions due to intricate and costly installations that are more prone to needing repair,” reported Trask. “Some in-cab technology solutions can cost 5-10 times more in installation costs, plus repair, over others on larger fleets and that can add up quickly!”

As with most technology solutions, the more intricate the system, the greater the chance there will be costly breakdowns or the need for IT department repair requirements. “I am always amazed at how simple the Digital Dispatcher installation is,” lauded Trask. “It’s the least costly to install and, from my experience, is the least costly to maintain long term. In addition, we never see it being pulled out of trucks once it’s in them.”

Simple and cost effective is one of Digital Dispatcher’s secrets. “As a former owner of a fuels delivery and HVAC business, we engineered Digital Dispatcher from the company owner’s perspective and from the driver’s perspective,” explained Tom Duffey, president of Digital Dispatcher. “It’s designed to be as cost efficient as possible, absolutely reliable, and designed to leverage every aspect of today’s mobile device technology to bring a full complement of features, functions, and the highest return on investment.”

A significant part of Digital Dispatcher’s success is that it is also easy to learn. After attending a driver training session, Trask noted, “Not only were the drivers excited about their new handhelds, the simplicity of how it is used made them embrace it.” Seeing how fast the drivers learned to use the DD system was amazing,” Trask commented.

“We see the good, the bad, and the ugly, and from what we can observe, Digital Dispatcher far surpasses them all”, surmised Trask.

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