Hunt Country Propane

Digital Dispatcher is a great tool that has really helped our company succeed!  Its very user friendly and requires minimal training.  Our drivers were literally trained in minutes. The drivers love how it’s an app on a smart phone and not a bulky hand held that is in black in white. I love the real time feature so we always know where our trucks. We are all glad we chose Digital Dispatcher. 

Everyone at the help desk at digital dispatcher is very helpful. The turnaround response time is within an hour sometimes even minutes. At times it can be very critical and hold up our production if we aren’t able to dispatcher. I’m not the most technical savvy person but they have always helped me get any issues that I’ve had sorted out and very quickly. I can’t say enough about Dennis, he has always assisted even in areas that aren’t his expertise.  He is definitely an asset to the Digital Dispatcher team!

Brandi Cabiness, Office Manager

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