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Mobile milestone

Today’s smartphones, tablets give delivery companies what they need.
The debate about ruggedized devices – a topic I often address as a writer and speaker – is, for all intents and purposes, over. Which is to say, the latest smartphones and tablets are so versatile

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8 must-have mobile features for propane mobile applications

There are many ways mobile applications benefit the propane delivery business, along with eight specific features that are indispensable for success. That number is an advantage to companies and clients alike..

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Fueled for Success: The New Era of the Propane Delivery Business

The propane delivery business focuses on one type of fuel, but risks depriving its workers of another source of energy: Real-time communication between or among drivers, complemented by a dispatcher who can foresee otherwise unexpected challenges and adjust to changing circumstances. For the question this industry must ask itself is as simple, in its phrasing, as it is significant, by posing the query alone, How can we “fuel” drivers with affordable

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Mobile devices advantageous for delivery companies

The debate about ruggedized devices – a topic I often address as a writer and speaker – is, for all intents and purposes, over. Which is to say, the latest smartphones and tablets are so versatile, and so resilient to withstanding

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Mobile technology delivers three S’s for the propane industry

If you seek to understand the present – and the future – of mobile technology, look to the three S’s of the propane delivery business: safety, speed and savings.Envision an environment where safety is the result of real-time communications

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Lean and precise : Build a business model that embraces new technology, boosts efficiency

A lean business is not a mean one,as if one causes the other. In the language of sports and the locker room, a professional athlete must be lean. He must possess the strength of absolute conditioning, the extreme muscular structure of intense training and a mean attitude that is as resolute as it is merciless.

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Technology transforms propane delivery companies into lean and nimble operations

Leanness is not just a goal for athletes and personal trainers; it is a metaphor for the propane delivery business of today, strengthened by technology and streamlined by increased efficiency. This makes it – that family-run company founded several generations ago – a model of operational achievement

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Go to battle in business with a smartphone, not that ruggedized accessory

Technology is a necessity for the propane and fuel oil delivery business. It is indispensable for the energy industry, period; as if drivers, dispatchers, owners and customers do not already use technology – the kind that fits in your pocket or rests on the palm…

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Digital delivery tool use aids management of winter chaos

Nick Mashburn first heated a home with propane during the winter of 2013-14.That was the winter of the polar vortex, which overwhelmed a number of propane marketers and restricted their ability to effectively make deliveries…

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Mobile applications for the propane industry: Separating friend from foe

This paradox is the result of a divide between the many ways this industry can use mobile devices to its collective advantage and the multitude of instances where poorly conceived applications for these devices can undermine the success…

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The office of tomorrow: How technology is changing the propane delivery business today

In an industry removed from breaking news about technology and mobile communications, some of the most significant changes – caused by or created with technology – exist in the propane delivery business.

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8 ways propane delivery businesses can ensure success and boost savings

No matter how successful your propane retail operation may be, there’s always room for improvement. Digital Dispatcher, maker of a mobile field management system for the propane industry, offers eight tips to help ensure success and increase savings.

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In the Know: Enhancing propane retailer operations through technology

In the Know is a monthly partnership between LP Gas Magazine and Propane Resources. Our focus this month is on equipment and technology, addressed by consultant Tamera Kovacs.
Photo courtesy of Digital Dispatcher..

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Mobilize Your workforce

The propane delivery industry has many assets, from the integrity of family-run firms with rich traditions and loyal consumers to lucrative regional and master limited partnerships.

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Today’s routing systems enable marketers to keep track of deliveries, driver productivity and vehicle location. More importantly, they help maximize the gallons delivered in the fewest miles driven, thus increasing efficiency.

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