Meet The Team


Tom Duffey

Co-founder, Chief Architect & President

As co-founder, Chief Architect and President of Digital Dispatcher, Mr. Duffey provides daily leadership and direction for each branch of the company. Tom led Digital Dispatcher into Fuel automation then HVAC field automation, and Fleet Fueling. Mr. Duffey successfully led a small fuel delivery and HVAC company into a respected region leader with over 60 fleet vehicles, later selling the company to focus on fuel and service automation technology birthed in the very company he owned and led.

Mr. Tom Duffey taught Economic Principles and Energy Economics at Temple University. His passion for efficiency in the logistics challenges that face businesses involved in delivery and field service was the impetus that began what is now Digital Dispatcher.

Joe Duffey

Joe Duffey

Co-founder, Chairman, & Treasure

As co-founder, Chairman, and Treasure of Digital Dispatcher, Mr. Duffey is responsible for strategy formulation, business plan development and the implementation of management tools and processes for building a successful and growing technology company. Mr. Joe Duffey has held key leadership and executive management roles of numerous operating companies representing a wide-range of industries, including Fuel Delivery and HVAC, Manufacturing and Consumer Products, Technology, and Healthcare management.

Mr. Duffey earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School and his BBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tom Duffey

Jerome Liss

Co-founder and Head of Product Development

As co-founder and Head of Product Development for Digital Dispatcher Mr. Liss is responsible for all technology development, the programmer team, network engineer and the development of a cutting edge mobile automation solution. Mr. Jerome Liss spearheaded the early development of software solutions to conduct non-destructive testing of materials as a scientist at the Benjamin Franklin Institute. Prior to Digital Dispatcher, Jerome’s list of programming contributions include geocoding for the US Forestry Department, route optimization for Yellow Cab, and critical data management for Nuclear Power Plants. Mr. Jerome Liss is keenly adroit at adapting and incorporating cutting edge commercial-off-the-shelf technology, and integrating them into sophisticated data management tools.

Jerome has an extensive and comprehensive understanding of Programming languages and Programming tools. Jerome’s formal background is in Mathematics and Material Sciences.

Mike Duffey

Mike Duffey

Co-architect & Partner

Mr. Mike Duffey is co-architect and a partner leading the Digital Dispatcher Service solution and professional services. As the head of the Service solution division of Digital Dispatcher he continues to fine-tune the feature and function set committing the team to develop the most advanced, user friendly technology tool available on the market.

Mike Duffey spearheaded the early product design and development of the Service module of Digital Dispatcher. Mike’s formal education is in mechanical and electrical engineering. His initial interest in Digital Dispatcher was its application for his own service company, Kelley Advantage, a 30+ technician service company serving over 15,000 service contract customers in Southeast Pennsylvania. Mike is a certified A-mechanic in all fields of HVARC, and was the go-to resource for the most complex trouble-shooting challenges facing his team of technicians. Mike laid the initial groundwork for what Digital Dispatcher has evolved today contributing significantly to the success of Digital Dispatcher’s Service solution.