How Metro Reduced Payroll and Improved Deliveries Using Digital Dispatcher

metro-energy-logoReggie Rhoden, Director of IT
Metro Energy
Brooklyn, NY
55 vehicles

As a cutting edge multi-fuel delivery and service business, Metro was committed to providing excellent customer service while maintaining competitive pricing in a competitive market place. That said, they found themselves facing the same daunting challenges as many small businesses with vehicle fleets: climbing payroll costs, escalating delivery costs, and the need to continually improve customer satisfaction.

Metro has served the New York City and Long Island area since Rounds Company began servicing the New England area in 1942 as the preeminent supplier of commercial and residential fuels and HVAC services. The company relies on a fleet of 55 vehicles to provide rapid response and high quality service to their clients.

With costs of doing business and cutting corners an unacceptable option, Metro looked for ways to increase productivity. “The ability to route quickly and then integrate seamlessly with our billing system, combined with the Point of Sale invoicing, had a tremendous impact on our business,” said Reggie Rhoden, Director of IT.  Hours saved per person inside the office translates into payroll expense reductions and the ability to better serve our customers.
Metro’s search for a practical, cost-effective Field Mobile Solution that could do Point of Sale invoicing, routing, and dispatching, wirelessly in real time, eventually led them to Digital Dispatcher.

Digital Dispatcher has helped small and medium-sized businesses throughout North America realize the full benefits of wireless real time integration of POS, route optimization, dispatching, fleet/inventory tracking and seamlessly integrating with most back end offices. The Digital Dispatcher Field Mobile Solution, created from the ground up by industry insiders familiar with delivery and service department challenges to specifically serve small businesses by providing:

  • A simple user interface with easy reporting functions
  • System access via any Internet-enabled computer
  • The most cost effective and dependable hand held POS/communication system

With Digital Dispatcher installed, Metro is able to significantly cut office payroll costs, eliminate most clerical errors, improve delivery times, and provide proof of service to clients.

“Our company has become more efficient on the whole since using Digital Dispatcher,” said Reggie. “The drivers and dispatchers accepted the technology and now, WOW!  Digital Dispatcher has been a tremendous benefit to us!”

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