Plainville Propane & Oil Co. Slashes Costs with Digital Dispatcher

Nick Scata, President
Plainville Propane & Oil Company
Plainville, CT
8 vehicles

Plainville Propane & Oil is a growing delivery and HVAC company serving central Connecticut. In order to ensure continued growth in the competitive delivery and HVAC industry, they turned to Digital Dispatcher to help improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Nick Scata, Owner and Manager, knew what results he expected when he installed Digital Dispatcher’s FMS (Field Mobile Solution) system in his fleet.  After evaluating several other companies, Mr. Scata and Plainville Propane & Oil found Digital Dispatcher’s Field Mobile Solution.

“We continue to be impressed with Digital Dispatcher,” said Mr. Scata. “We did our research and found that Digital Dispatcher had the most flexible features at the best price point!”

“Since installing Digital dispatcher 5 years ago we have experienced several improvements,” said Scata “such as:

  • 1 hr saved per day per driver in start and end of day work via their Route optimization and wireless interface with the office
  • 1 hr per day time savings in the busy season with mid-day delivery dispatch
  • 50 min per day per truck savings in back office data input etc. and that again for the dispatcher.”

Time savings that enable Plainville to save on Overtime and help them to continue growing without the need to hire on more office help!


Digital Dispatcher FMS (Field Mobile Solution) Provides more features

Digital Dispatcher FMS provided a number of features that made installing the system an easy decision for Plainville Propane & Oil. Some of the features that proved to be most profitable for them were:

  • Route Optimization – Drivers no longer wasted time routing themselves or doing inefficient or overlapping routes
  • Wireless Mid-Day Dispatch – The entire office has visibility to see where every truck is so CSRs and Dispatchers can send new calls out with the click of a mouse it sends out the call and a text msg alert
  • Automatic interface with Accounting Software – Saves hours every day in data entry and decreases errors
  • Less Driver Errors – No over-pumps, No discount errors, fewer customer calls about their invoices!
  • Paperless – Between the back office suite and Digital Dispatcher the drivers don’t need tickets they can perform much more efficiently

His business continues to grow by their ability to capture call in opportunities and wirelessly dispatch them. “Our trucks don’t have to pull over to the side of a busy road so the driver can write down the ticket information, its safer and faster,” Scata says.

The fact that his drivers handheld tells them how much to deliver and then does all the math for them has helped cut on mistakes which create customer phone calls.  “It has really reduced the number of people calling in regarding wrong bills which saves us time in the office and increases customer satisfaction,” says Mr. Scata.


The Digital Dispatcher Difference

Once installed, the Digital Dispatcher FMS system provided Plainville Propane & Oil with additional perks beyond what they expected.

The Digital Dispatcher system is Internet-based, which means Mr. Scata can access his fleet from any computer with Internet access without having to install additional software. The ability to access his business from his laptop anywhere has helped Mr. Scata improve business controls.

Mr. Scata personally dispatches his fleet and knows first hand that his drivers are doing the most efficient route possible.  “I can even route them remotely and check in on them while on vacation,” says Scata.

Digital Dispatcher is known for their great customer service and continued software innovation.  Digital Dispatcher makes sure every client receives the attention and quality service needed to maximize the potential of our FMS (Field Mobile Solution)
“The customer service team is fantastic,” said Mr. Scata. “The cost of their service is great and the service itself has been a real asset to out business.”

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