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Extreme Dispatching

A point of qualification about technology and the propane delivery industry: We have a mobile workforce, not a mobilized one. That distinction is critical because, despite the tens of millions of smartphones and tablets smartphones and tablets that Canadians and Americans own or operate, despite our appetite for gossip concerning

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Durable Devices at Reasonable Prices: Progress Involving Android Smartphones and Tablets

The debate about ruggedized in-cab devices for fuel delivery drivers and service technicians, a topic readers of this magazine understand because of my previous references to this issue, is, no longer a matter of contention. Meaning: The most advanced “off-the-shelf” smartphones and tablets – as well as a variety of Android products and services

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Safety, Speed and Savings: The New Era of Propane Delivery

If you want a snapshot of the current state of mobile technology, review the three S’s of the propane delivery business: Safety, Speed and Savings. Think of a situation where safety is the product of real-time communications; it is the result not of complex and expensive systems, like walls of servers

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The Intelligently Paperless Office: Spot-Checking Everything in Real Time

There is a difference – a profound one – between a paperless office and an intelligent version of the same; which is to say, when you have a mobile application that enables you to spot-check certain readings, when you can do these inspections in the here and now rather than after the fact, and when you can do these things without recording

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Ending the Administrative Nightmare: A Digital Dispatch of Hope

One of the principal problems that propane delivery companies face – throughout Canada and the United States – is an administrative calamity: A delay in the flow of paper – a breakdown because of too much paper – that consumes valuable time, clogs the system and causes havoc in the offices of the companies

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Change Agent: The Disruptive Power of Accurate Intelligence for the Propane Delivery Business

The propane delivery business, in the United States and Canada, is about to undergo a revolution – and I do not use that word without a full understanding of its meaning and long-term implications–because the company of the near future will be powerful and disruptive: It will forever change access to information regarding consumers of propane, individual commercial and residential clients, with in a specific area.

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Family run business can be both a challenge to run and an honour to uphold. Indeed, the majority of such companies are just that: Complex enterprises that have layers of operation and inherited traits – a business has its own personality and customs – that require a son or grandchild to maintain a sense of tradition . . . and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace

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The Strenuous Life: The Use of Rugged Mobile Devices in the Arena

With apologies to Theodore Roosevelt, the famed Rough Rider, amateur boxer, hunter, naturalist, twenty-sixth President of the United States and orator of “The Strenuous Life,” a speech about personal toil and national triumph, I have news about a different form of strenuous living:

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Safety through Technology: Now Is the Time

It’s no wonder that propane companies throughout Canada and the United States invest so much time training employees on gas safety checks, leak checks, safety concerning the delivery and dispensing of propane and propane installation safety, among many others – technical and nontechnical – involving this industry.

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Sales and Profits, Not Bells and Whistles: Buying the Right Mobile Applications

Never has so much technology been available to so many, for so little return on investment (ROI), than the hardware, software and mobile applications that proliferate throughout the propane and fuel oil delivery industry. Mine is not an academic interest in this subject because, as the Vice President of Digital Dispatcher, I work with many of the business owners –

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Mobile Applications and the Propane Industry: A Case Study in Learning How a Business Operates

This mutually beneficial relationship is one of tradition and innovation, where mo- bile applications have the ability to trans- form (for the better) businesses that serve their respective communities.
The challenge, however, involves creat- ing relevant applications for Android smart- phones and tablets that managers, dispatchers and bobtail drivers within the propane indus- try need and will use.

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the criticle choice

The Critical Choice:Android or iOS for Real-Time Intelligence and Business Success

These stake-holders are very down-toearth,genuine people. They value transparency and practical tools, which can help their workers and thereby help their customers. Regarding technology, the same rule applies: Owners want real-time intelligence,…

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Propane Apps

Mobilization In the Great White North: Transforming the Propane Delivery Business

Canada’s wealth of natural resources,including oil and gas,minerals and forestry- but especially propane – makes the nation a model of energy independence and environmental conservation.
Concerning propane, there is a better way to more efficiently deliver this fuel, enhance service, maintain real-time communications with employees and save money.

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