Propane Texas


Safety, Speed and Savings: The New Era of Propane Delivery

If you want a snapshot of the current state of mobile technology, review the three S’s of the propane delivery business: Safety, Speed and Savings. Think of a situation where safety is the product of real-time communications; it is the result not of complex and expensive systems, like walls of servers

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The Filing Cabinet Rule: Overwhelmed by Paper, or Prospering with Digital Efficiency

If you seek an example of a propane delivery business plagued by cost overruns, inefficiencies and poor operations, look for a roomful of filing cabinets: Absorb the sight of these neatly arranged rows of alphabetized drawers containing a lengthy line of folders with color-coded tabs and reams of highlighted documents

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Mobile Technology and the Propane Industry, or: ‘How Well Do You Know My Business?’

The propane industry is a model of tradition and innovation, strengthened by family-run businesses and enhanced by the power of mobile technology. Nowhere is that fact more obvious than in Texas, home to a variety of propane delivery companies with an interest in the tools and resources that can transform this industry for the better.

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Inside a Customer’s Home: The Ultimate Sign of Trust and Responsibility

As a consultant and business executive, I believe the greatest lessons about business
success exist in an industry few study, but many need: Providers of home heating oil,
propane, air conditioning and maintenance of the respective machinery, which makes a
residence inviting and comfortable

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Propane Apps

Mobile Applications for the Propane Industry: Separating Friend from Foe

Technology is the great enabler – and the powerful enemy – of the propane industry.

This paradox is the result of a divide between the many ways this industry can use mobile devices to its collective advantage, and the multitude of instances where poorly conceived applications for these devices can undermine the success of a diverse array of companies in this space…

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Costs are Rising…Technology to the Rescue?

If you could increase revenues, reduce expenses and improve profits without adding a single truck, employee or computer, would you do it? Of course you would. And many of your competitors are doing that now, but how?

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