SouthEast Petroleum Trade Show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center

SouthEast Petroleum Trade Show

Bill Stomp of spoke at the SouthEast Petroleum Trade Show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Bill Stomp of DD an expert in mobile technology and digital software development spoke on Digital Data Security and Mobile technology advances. Focusing on how new technology is offering significant new profit improvements for fuel delivery companies Bill touched on the 3 main ways fuel delivery companies must leverage new technology or be left behind as they lose their competitive advantage. Also discussed was the 7 essential steps every convenience store should employ to secure their data transmissions and credit card transactions. Mobile technology and data management for fuel delivery and C Store companies is gaining attention and interest as a means for reducing inefficiencies in a market looking for ways to improve profits especially as the cost of employee benefits is rising. His talk was a ray of sunshine in a forecast that can sometimes be cloudy at best.

“Actionable, Interesting and pertinent to every propane and fuel delivery company.  Bill is a great presenter.  I’ve heard him at a couple occasions and he always gets high marks from everyone who attends” Dan Messett, Chariman PA Propane Association