Jeremy Stanford
President of Stanford LP Gas


Digital Dispatcher is a convenient and effective solution, which enables us to schedule deliveries in advance with ease and maximum productivity. In fact, the application allows us to move deliveries from one truck to another, when needed, while providing the added benefit of planning multiple deliveries – over the course of multiple days – without any complications. Best of all, my drivers and dispatcher like and use it. The real-time intelligence of Digital Dispatcher shows me where my trucks are – it makes coordinating among my three locations a cinch – and streamlines our supply logistics. I am very pleased with the results.

Brian Lincoln
Manager of Stanford LP Gas


Digital Dispatcher is a user friendly application, which works anywhere, and allows me to see all scheduled deliveries – from all three locations I manage – on one color-coded, interactive map. Thus, I know the inventory of every truck; and can reroute my drivers (should the need arise) to switch stops with another worker, ensuring that deliveries are on time. The real-time intelligence of Digital Dispatcher gives me a complete perspective on the status of my drivers, so I can run reports and know how many gallons of fuel have been delivered or sold — with incredible exactitude. A simple push of a button gives me this data regarding each truck, along with each truck’s location and the time frame in which I choose to analyze this information. Digital Dispatcher is a great tool!


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