Tolino’s Fuel Service Cuts Costs with Digital Dispatcher

Carl Tolino, President
Tolino’s Fuel Service, Inc.
Bangor, PA
5-10 vehicles
For over 55 years, Tolino’s Fuel Service has provided expert professional propane and heating oil delivery services to their customers throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Carl Tolino, President and CEO of Tolino’s Fuel, believes that customer service is the cornerstone of his business. By exceeding customer expectations, Tolino’s has emerged as a leader in the fuel delivery industry despite current economic conditions.
However, Tolino wanted to further improve customer service as well as the overall efficiency of his business. After investigating all available options, the company decided that they could achieve their business objectives by installing the Digital Dispatcher Field Mobile Solution (FMS) into their fleet of vehicles.

Digital Dispatcher’s System Helps Improve Customer Service and Sales

With Digital Dispatcher installed, Tolino’s Fuel achieved immediate results in their customer service, especially in their response to unscheduled and emergency calls. “Digital Dispatcher makes everything easier,” reported Tolino. “When an unexpected call comes in, it shows us where our fleet is and we then wirelessly dispatch the call to the nearest driver with the click of a mouse – simple – done!. It even shows us how much fuel they have on board, so, at the end of the day, we send the closest driver that has sufficient fuel.”

According to Tolino, this quick response has helped them earn many new customers. In the competitive fuel delivery industry, when temperatures get cold, the company that can respond quickly and easily without disrupting their normal business flow often gets the business. Digital Dispatcher makes it as simple as the click of a mouse for companies like Tolino’s to arrive before the competition and secure more business.

The Digital Dispatcher Difference

With Digital Dispatcher Field Mobile Solutions installed, Tolino’s realized a number of benefits beyond improved customer service:

  • Route Optimization increased productivity, allowing for additional deliveries every day
  • Seamless back office interface saved hours of posting daily work
  • Wireless environment eliminated most paperwork for drivers and clerks, which meant less errors
  • Tighter routes led to fuel savings of 10 to 12 percent – enough alone to pay for the system
  • So easy and simple to use that seasonal and new employees can catch on quickly

“From route optimization, to fleet and inventory tracking and back office simplification, Digital Dispatcher has made everything easier,” said Tolino. “They are great to work with and provide me with super customer service and support when it matters most.”

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