Valley Energy Switches to Digital Dispatcher for Increased Control Over Its Fleet

Tim Murphy, Vice President
Valley Energy
Northern Virginia
10+ Vehicles


Businesses throughout the world have realized the tangible benefits of using FMS (Field Mobile Solutions) such as Point of Sale invoicing and fleet and inventory tracking. Studies show that FMS systems reduce costs, decrease fuel consumption, increase productivity, and improve overall business efficiencies.

However, not all FMS systems are created equal. With the growth in popularity of Field Mobile Solutions, some companies have entered the marketplace to simply take advantage of unaware fleet owners by offering low-quality solutions.

These companies offer the promises of a full FMS service, but lack the experience, depth of products, and development resources needed to deliver the true immediate and long-term needs of today’s fuel and service businesses.

In addition, it’s essential for businesses to find a FMS solution that provides the right mix of features and technology to suit its unique needs.

Switching to Digital Dispatcher

Valley Energy recently decided to seek a new Field Mobile Solution provider for its 10 vehicles. With its operations in Northern Virginia, Valley Energy offers propane delivery and service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the highly competitive and congested Northern Virginia market.

The company had utilized a Field Mobile Solution for several years, but was unhappy with the reliability of the provider’s system. “With our previous FMS system, we were never sure if it would work from day to day,” said Tim Murphy, President of Valley Energy. “We wanted a wireless real time solution that worked reliably with consistent results. Digital Dispatcher provides this.”
“The Digital Dispatcher system works!”  commented Murphy. “It’s very easy to use and the Digital Dispatcher team provides great customer service.”

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