Valley Oil Saves Over $200K Per Year With Digital Dispatcher

Randy Jaeger, President
Valley Oil Co.
Hopewell, NJ
8 vehicles
Valley Oil co has provided oil delivery, heating, and cooling services to western New Jersey since 1970. A family-owned business devoted to caring for its customers as though they were family, through superior customer service, forms their main philosophy and has helped them succeed for over 40 years. From providing great customer service on the phone to backing it up in the field, they are dedicated to “delivering on their promises.”

To help maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, Valley Oil implemented the Digital Dispatcher Mobile Field Solutions suite to streamline their business inside and out. Digital Dispatcher enables his CSRs and dispatcher to know where his drivers and techs are, so when a customer calls in with an immediate need or a new customer opportunity calls in, they are able to dispatch the call within seconds to the closest person in the field. “It’s so easy to use that we can quickly see who is where that we can dispatch quicker, answer customer questions faster, and get more done,” reports Randy Jaeger, owner of Valley Oil. “With it, we can quickly optimize their routes and schedules so they have less travel time. They get more work done and so do we.”

By automating route planning and keeping close tabs on vehicle location, the company has realized substantial gains. It even managed to take one driver off the road while improving overall productivity. For Valley Oil, a single driver adds up to over $100,000 a year when you factor in payroll, health insurance, running costs, and driver insurance.

The simplicity and ease of use inside the office has significantly changed how operations are run there as well. Digital Dispatcher seamlessly integrates with the back office accounting software, eliminating most manual entries, batch uploads, and normal daily paperwork. “Our normal daily office work was cut from half a day to a 10 minute process, allowing us to reduce internal staffing by 40%,” says Mr. Jaeger, “thereby saving us over $100,000 in office payroll and benefits.”

When higher revenue, fuel savings, and reduced payroll are tallied up, gaining a full picture of fleet location and activity is worth far more than a thousand words. For Valley Oil, that picture equates to well over $200,000 a year.

“The impact of Digital Dispatcher has helped us save money and time inside and outside the office,” said Jaeger. “As a customer for over 5 years now, I can say from experience that Digital Dispatcher is simple to understand, easy to use, and works as advertised!”

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