Wireless Charging(in-cab and in-office)

This has been a big hit with the drivers as it negates the need to remember to plug in your phone to recharge on the road or at the office. Attached is the Wireless charging RAM mount modification I told you about. – Mike MacMillan, Dir. IT

To set this up you require:
1 x RAM mount x-grip
1 x LG WCP-300 puck recharger (could also work with other low-profile puck-shaped chargers)
1 x Samsung Note 3 wireless charging kit (EP-WN900)

1 x Waterproof SeidoObex case (optional – not needed for wireless charging) I can confirm the wireless charger works through the heavy-duty waterproof SeidoObex Note 3 case.

1. Using industrial adhesive, stick the LG puck to the center of the ram mount. Position it so the x-grip arms will not interfere with access to the USB port (as shown).
2. Bend the arms of the x-grip so it can grip the note3 over the charger (as shown).
3.  Replace the back cover of the note 3 with the cover from the Samsung wireless charging kit.  Put your phone case on. Keep the wireless charging base for convenient charging at the office or at home.

In the office your handset is charged wirelessly by placing it on top of the qi charger (white base)


In the cab your handset is charged without having to plug it in via this holder that combines the Ram X-grip mount and the puck shaped wireless charger




Bottom line is that the drivers and techs no longer have to plug their handset in to charge. They really like it. The waterproof case from Seido makes it more rugged than anything else on the market.

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