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Training Cheat Sheets

This password protected, customer-only training content gives you all the information you need to master the software. Click the side menu to begin your Digital Dispatcher Jedi training.

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1. Run a beginning shift report from your meter register to obtain a start totalizer number.

2. Open the DELIVERY app and tap SHIFT.

3. Tap the Start Odometer box and enter reading.

4. Tap Next on the key pad and enter the start totalizer number. Get this number from the shift report you ran from the register.

5. Select SAVE and the report will close. You have now captured your start shift data.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 3.12.44 PM.png

6. At the end of the day when all work has been completed, you will need to run an end of shift report from the register to capture the end odometer and totalizer readings.


7. Select SHIFT from the phone/tablet app to open the Shift Report. Enter your end odometer reading and end totalizer reading you get from the register’s end shift report and select SAVE. The screen will now go back to the app’s main menu.

8. Select SHIFT one more time, and you will now have the option to SEND OR PRINT the shift report. Tap SEND to send the report. To print the SHIFT report, place a blank delivery ticket in the slip printer if not using a roll printer. Touch the print button and a shift report will print.

The shift report will now show the following:

  • Shift Date

  • Truck Number

  • Driver Number

  • Shift Start and End Times

  • 1st delivery date and time

  • Last delivery date and time

  • Accumulated Time

  • Total number of assigned Orders

  • Total number of completed deliveries

  • Delivered Volume

  • Start and End totalizer numbers

  • Totalizer difference

  • Variance between totalizer and delivered gallons

  • Number of loadings and total volume loaded

  • Volume on board for each product

  • Odometer start and end readings

  • Total miles travele

9. To delete the Shift Report, select Tickets from the app menu.

10. Touch the phone/tablet menu icon and the Delete icon will appear at the bottom of the screen.


11. Touch the Delete icon and three delete options will appear at the top of the screen.


12. To delete only certain jobs, touch the square box to the right of the job you want to delete and a check will appear in the box. Do this to only the jobs you wish to delete. Select Delete from the three delete options and only the jobs that you checked will be deleted.


13. To delete all of the jobs select Delete All and you will be prompted to answer yes or no to deleting all of the jobs. By selecting Delete All you will also reset the shift report so that it will be asking you for your start readings the next time you open the SHIFT option.


14. If you select Delete Shift, only the shift report will be deleted and reset to the start position.

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