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Dispatch Suite

What it is

Your business is serving customers via your field employees (drivers, techs, etc.) and that same group comprises your largest expense (payroll and vehicles). Your dispatcher is the key link in improving field efficiency and cutting costs. The Digital Dispatcher Suite and Office Solutions were crafted to make the dispatcher’s job much easier, so that greater positive change can be infused into every aspect of the routing/forecasting/scheduling/dispatching side of your business. This amazing tool was designed to bring greater efficiency to every area of your delivery/service business. Digital Dispatcher is designed for field delivery and service businesses of all sizes. It is the most affordable and easy-to-deploy mobile field management system available, designed by the industry leader in mobile technology.

What it does

  • Provides route optimization solutions, real time inventory and fleet tracking tools, instant electronic dispatching, wireless data communications, point of sale invoicing, and more.

  • When deliveries or service calls are received into Digital Dispatcher from your customer accounting software, the dispatcher can use the Forecasting Urgency Level tool to rank deliveries based on their unique urgency levels. If vehicles break down or drivers cannot work, the dispatcher can quickly review all deliveries and send out only the most urgent ones using intelligent analytics to get the most needed jobs completed. This decreases run-outs and makes the dispatcher’s job easier.

  • Instantly dispatch same-day or emergency calls directly to the mobile device without the need for time-consuming voice communications. Save hours a day in unprofitable phone calls, voice mails, and waiting on hold.

  • The Digital Dispatcher solution provides multiple time-saving and productivity-enhancing management reports. One example, a productivity tracking report was created from a 10 year time-motion study. This report arms management with report cards for each driver based on true field performance. No more guesswork!

  • Increase the performance of the dispatcher. Dispatchers always know where their field team is, what jobs they are on, what jobs are completed, and what their inventory is. This enables them to dispatch faster, send the appropriate driver/tech to new jobs, and avoid costly overtime.

  • There is no other single solution that provides a more complete package of tools for the dispatchers, CSRs, field employees and management on an easier-to-use platform, with a better return on investment, than Digital Dispatcher.

  • Dispatchers, managers, CEOs, and company owners/presidents who have implemented this outstanding system have all given the solution high marks, as they say, “It works as advertised!”

  • As budgets get stretched, it is important to cut unnecessary costs. The easy-to-use tools inside Digital Dispatcher make field and office staff more efficient. It saves the company thousands of dollars in vehicle, payroll and inventory-shrinkage costs. Arm your office and field personnel with the tools needed to operate faster and smarter, increasing their ability to serve more customers. Increase revenues and significantly cutting operating expenses.

  • Digital Dispatcher:

  • Transforms good dispatchers into great dispatchers, and makes great dispatchers even better by significantly increasing their efficiency.

  • Frees up hours of work for dispatchers, clerical workers, CSRs, and field staff, thereby saving both time and money.

  • Equips managers with objective performance metrics, enabling them to give more accurate performance appraisals, rewarding the best and training the others.

  • Gives control back to the business leaders.

  • Provides for greater business insight.

  • Reduces time required to do proper operations analysis.

  • Allows leaders the flexibility to manage from anywhere (home, off-site meetings, the beach, etc.).

A more affordable solution

Digital Dispatcher was built with the aim of making the dispatcher more effective so that field personnel can also be more effective. As the leader in real-time, smart phone, mobile field solutions, Digital Dispatcher provides all the benefits of full route optimization, on-site invoicing, fleet tracking, real-time work order status, and field management software. All of this is done on the newest Android smart phones and tablets (rugged military spec versions available) using your present mobile phone contract. In order to get this combined functionality via other solutions, it would cost thousands more per vehicle and require multiple monthly contracts. Due to Digital Dispatcher’s focus on the latest smart phone/tablet platform and simplified architecture, it is a very affordable solution that can be implemented in less than 30 days while providing a full payback in months, not years.

Increase Profits immediately without adding additional payroll or vehicle assets. Reduce administrative and operational costs with a solution that has been the industry leader for over 12 years.

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