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Improve Safety

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Keeping track of your two most valuable assets (your people and vehicles) is not easy. With Digital Dispatcher, you know how your team is performing and where your vehicles are at all times. You can quickly and easily reach out to them via cell, text, direct connect, or email all on the single mobile field device.

Gain Peace of Mind

With Digital Dispatcher, your field personnel are no longer going to receive cell calls while they are driving, nor will they need to pull over to the side of a busy road to take calls or to look at paper maps. They can focus on the work you hired them to do. When new work comes in, messages, announcements, etc. can all be sent directly to the mobile device when the tech/driver is in a location that is safe and operationally feasible to receive it.

Your team has integrated turn-by-turn navigation directions so they won’t make a wrong turn and get lost. You can also direct drivers from their current location to the desired location via the mapping solution in the hand-held and from the office computer. You always know where your field personnel are and have the ability to reach out and communicate to them.

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