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Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Labor Costs and Simplify Paperwork

With Digital Dispatcher, you’ll know exact start and end times of every job/delivery, and with proven performance metrics you have objective tools to manage performance at your fingertips. You can eliminate high overtime costs and ensure that an hour paid is truly an hour worked. You and your team have the information needed to control unseen field activity, turning lost time into productive time immediately.

Taking the long way home to get some overtime, heading home for a long lunch, and potentially inflated hours are all things of the past. Reducing overtime leads to more profit and less strain on an already tight budget.

All driver/tech paperwork is captured on the handheld, eliminating:

  • Time wasted from lost paperwork

  • Time wasted from illegible or erroneous paperwork

  • Hours of data entry work inside the office

Point of Sale Invoicing + Electronic Capture of All Work + Fleet Tracking = Improved Invoicing Accuracy

  • Time-stamped reports allow you to defend the exact amount of time to invoice a customer.

  • Eliminate time-consuming forms, calculation errors, special pricing errors, etc. The hand-held unit now manages all of this, allowing your field staff to focus on revenue generating activities.

  • Through electronic batch posting, data from the day’s work is automatically uploaded, significantly reducing manual data entry and errors from the same.

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