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Save Time

Save Time Via Increased Visibility

Fleet Tracking + Dynamic Route Optimization = Increased Productivity


Work Smarter, Not Harder!


Digital Dispatcher gives you powerful tools that dramatically increase your office and field team’s daily productivity. Through the route optimization and fleet tracking tools, you will save your drivers/techs from unproductive windshield time, reduce the time they spent creating routes/looking at maps, and eliminate many other costly inefficiencies so they can complete more deliveries/jobs per day, increasing revenue without increasing costs.

  • Shorten response times by deploying the nearest vehicle to any location

  • Eliminate phone calls to drivers for current location or to assign new tasks

  • Minimize wasted time on job sites

  • Dramatically improve routing

  • Technology that is quickly accepted and learned by field team – creates engagement and appreciation among field team

  • Remotely re-route one or more vehicles with the click of a mouse

  • Ensure that employees work a full day

  • Reduce or eliminate back-tracking and other inefficient activities

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Route Optimization X.png
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Point of Sale Invoicing X.png
Inventory Tracking X.png
Instant Dispatch X.png
Electronic Batch Posting X.png
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