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Drive Profits

Full Routing/Scheduling Optimization Suite + Fleet Tracking + Point of Sale Invoicing + Real Time Access to Inventory, Work Orders, and Personnel equaling more benefits than any one stand-alone system.

Not only do these combined tools provide a surprisingly fast payback, but they also give you increased control of your business while freeing up your internal and external staff to do more profitable activities. Significantly and quickly cut costs, improve productivity, and grow profits with Digital Dispatcher’s multi-tool, real time, mobile solution.

Enhance Customer Service 

Dispatching is easier with Digital Dispatcher’s fleet tracking, enabling you to respond faster and more accurately to customer requests, resulting in a better customer experience. You will be able to reduce response time by as much as 24% with location tracking and job status, saving valuable customer and company time. This, combined with Point of Sale Invoicing, helps you serve and bill the customer faster.

  • Get to your customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies

  • Confidently accept new or urgent customer inquiries with new tools to fit them into the schedule

  • Provide day, time, and location-stamped proof of service/delivery

  • Provide more accurate ETAs with confidence

  • Increase driver/tech performance when they know their performance and location are being tracked, allowing you to serve more customers in less time

  • Allow your field personnel to avoid traffic issues

  • Quickly see what vehicles are closest to a customer request

  • Provide customers with a professionally printed invoice on-the-spot

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