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Go Green

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Digital Dispatcher’s multi-tool solution works in concert to jumpstart your green initiatives by both cutting vehicle fuel usage and paper usage (POS). You are essentially implementing multiple green initiatives via our system while improving your bottom line. Consider some of the many savings from the point of sale invoicing solution and fuel savings from one customer below:

Before Digital Dispatcher

$5370/week fuel costs – Higher fuel costs, Increased Emissions


After Digital Dispatcher

$4510/week fuel costs – Lower fuel costs, Decreased Emissions

Digital Dispatcher gives you insight into and control over how your vehicles and employees are dispatched, driven, managed, tracked, and measured. With Digital Dispatcher, you will automatically reduce your carbon footprint and be able to communicate such to your customers. Some of the ways this happens are:

  • Fully Optimized Routing — dynamic “on-the-fly” route optimization

  • Dispatching/Scheduling Office Solution Suite — maximizes every route and maximizes fuel savings

  • Fleet Tracking — allows you to send the nearest vehicle to customers

  • Inventory Tracking — allows you to send the vehicle with the right inventory

  • New Mobile Technology — drivers/techs have all their information and turn-by-turn directions all on their Android smart phone or tablet. Your dispatcher and managers can also see and manage everything from anywhere via their laptop or desktop. Now you and your team can dispatch, manage, route, and supervise your field staff from home, from the beach house, from anywhere.


Green initiatives that are typically expensive to initiate are automatically accomplished via the use of Digital Dispatcher, allowing your business to market itself as a green company among your customer and employee base.

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