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Route Optimization

What it is

Empower your dispatcher to instantly create the most efficient routes in any season, any time of day, from anywhere. Digital Dispatcher’s Route Optimization Tool enables distribution, delivery, and service companies to lower operational costs by increasing the efficiency of dispatchers, drivers/techs, and customer service representatives. This innovative real-time routing and dispatching software solution is an all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that consolidates and reduces labor needs while increasing productivity.

What it does

  • Creates the most efficient route solutions while providing the dispatcher flexibility to account for local traffic, geographic, and customer needs.

  • Provides an extremely efficient dispatching process that enables a dispatcher to perform at a much higher level while managing 2-5 times more vehicles.

  • Eliminates former static routing methods with a flexible dynamic system designed to cut hours of daily routing/dispatching work, taking stress out of the job and equipping dispatchers with tools to maximize field assets.

  • Through its intuitive dispatcher user interface, a dispatcher can completely eliminate route overlap, ensure work is clustered to maximize jobs/hours, and minimize windshield time. Only send out the exact number of trucks you need!

  • Eliminates inefficiency by automating manual tasks such as creating delivery/service zones, routes, and territories.

  • Turns your good dispatchers into better dispatchers while enabling them to dispatch 2-3 times the vehicles. Frees up the senior dispatchers for exception management of a much larger fleet size.

  • Reduces fleet operating costs by 10% to 30% (see ROI overview and request full custom ROI analysis).

  • Provides immediate, real-time access to job and fleet status, allowing for proactive management of field assets.

Why you need it

Delivery, HVAC, field service, and customer service arethe core of your business and your customers demand better and faster service than ever before. Costs for payroll, benefits, vehicles, fleet fuel, etc. are consistently rising. This tool successfully reduces all these costs. Your competition is implementing cost saving technology… don’t be left behind in the dust. Our solution combines multiple technologies to provide you with a competitive advantage to increase margins while cutting costs. Digital Dispatcher’s Route Optimization Tool:

  • Reduces operating costs by 10% to 30%.

  • Reduces miles driven and vehicles needed.

  • Simplifies the routing/dispatching process.

  • Minimizes the number of staff members needed for routing, dispatching, and customer service.

  • Allows for centralized and off-campus fleet management, reducing the number of dispatch centers needed (some companies have successfully used it to centralize 10+ dispatch centers into one).

How it works

  • Dispatchers download jobs (deliveries/service work) from back office system.

  • Work orders/jobs are displayed geographically on the screen.

  • Based on geography, order type, special request, urgency factor, and other variables, dispatcher grabs-drags-drops jobs into best choice vehicles for delivery/service.

  • Area is routed automatically for shortest distance and fastest time.

  • Route planning process is automated and simplified, creating routes that utilize fewer trucks across fewer miles.

  • Dispatcher can add, delete, or transfer work to or between fleet assets with the click of a mouse.

  • Dispatcher can re-optimize routes mid-day (after adding or removing jobs) with the click of a mouse for dynamic “on-the-fly” optimization.

  • Dispatcher visually tracks real-time delivery/service information that allows for proactive decision-making and the best customer service.

  • Dispatcher wirelessly sends optimized routes to driver/tech’s mobile hand-held in optimal sequence order (paperless) and can print the same for them.

  • Drivers have freedom to run route from top to bottom or vice versa, depending on their loading requirements, traffic patterns, etc.

  • System provides optimal routed miles that are compared to actual miles driven to create multi-part performance metrics for each driver/tech.

Affordable for any size delivery/service company

  • Similar solutions like those used by FedEx and UPS cost much more and require months more to implement. The Digital Dispatcher solution is different. Since its platform is an Android smart phone or tablet, it has the combined benefits of affordability, increased feature set, and the ability to be implemented quickly, while providing a full payback in months, not years.

  • Digital Dispatcher’s Route Optimization Tool provides streamlined scheduling and routing, enabling more stops with fewer vehicles. The power of real-time dynamic routing allows instant scheduling of unexpected “on demand” (new or emergency) work. Stops are automatically downloaded into the field mobile handset with text notification, providing real-time information flow with customer information and turn-by-turn directions.

  • Grow your profits immediately without adding additional payroll or vehicle assets. Reduce administrative and operational costs with the solution that has been the industry leader for over 12 years. Choose Digital Dispatcher.

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