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Real Time Communications

What it is

Digital Dispatcher’s Real Time Communication and Data Management features give access to mission critical information to your operations staff when they need it. It frees your employees from time-wasting activities so they can perform at a higher level. Access to information in real time eliminates unnecessary interruptions, automates unprofitable activities, reduces stress, and frees up staff to tackle more profit-generating priorities. Digital Dispatcher’s wireless real-time solution was created by programmers and operations professionals in the field, not by those who have never been in the delivery/field service business. It was designed to be affordable, efficient, and easy to learn. Digital Dispatcher uses COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) technology, like the latest in smart Android phones and tablet computers, to simplify your communication and data transfer. Digital Dispatcher is the most feature-rich, affordable, and easy-to-deploy system for companies of any size, designed by the industry leader in mobile technology.

What it does

  • Using the latest technology to piggy-back on existing cell phone contracts, this tool automatically sends data packets back and forth between the office and the field. It keeps everyone updated on the status of all work assigned, new jobs to be assigned, location, inventory and other mission critical information in real-time.

  • Frees dispatchers from time-wasting activities so they can focus on efficiencies that save thousands of dollars in vehicle and field payroll costs. The saved time can be used to optimize routes, rebalance work at the end of the day, refine schedules, improve forecasting, and focus on new customer opportunities.

  • Dispatches new, unplanned, or emergency work without phone calls directly to the mobile device with or without a text alert, significantly reducing back and forth calls, waiting on hold, and voice messages.

  • Informs the office that each field worker got the message as they receive a confirmation note.

  • Eliminates inefficient and disruptive voice calls to trucks and techs in the field.

  • Updates the office on all details regarding deliveries and service work.

  • Captures and communicates work recommendations so the office can follow up with customers on potential additional work during low seasons.

  • Handles all communication needs including direct connect, text messages, e-mail and, of course, cell calls since the mobile hand-held computer is also a smart phone or tablet-enabled cell phone.

  • Enables the office to instantly send broadcast messages, weather alerts, meeting reminders, corporate updates, and communication that might otherwise require a meeting or phone call, decreasing unproductive time for all employees.

  • Allows managers to easily communicate mid-day, unplanned pricing updates when the cost of your product suddenly spikes, enabling you to minimize price risks and capture additional margin.

  • Automatically interfaces with meter registers, capturing needed inventory data.

  • Works, as a mobile hand-held, in or out of cell coverage, automatically updating and downloading data once back in cell coverage.

  • Works with Android devices, even the latest military spec versions.

Why you need it

To succeed and grow, you must focus on the bottom line; you must drive revenue up and costs down. Eliminating time-wasting tasks frees your office and field staff to focus on profit-generating and cost-reducing activities. Reducing unnecessary phone calls between the office and field saves hours of time for office personnel and allows field assets to focus on safe driving and customer service. You need to arm yourselves with the right technology to perform more efficiently! Equip your office and field teams with the tools needed to operate faster and smarter. Increase their ability to serve more customers and thereby increase revenues while significantly cutting operating expenses.

  • Increases safety for field assets as they no longer need to make or take calls while driving.

  • Frees hours of time for dispatchers and CSR’s who no longer must receive or make calls to the field.

  • Allows you and your staff to update the field regularly via broadcast messages, increasing communication without costly, time-wasting meetings.

Why you need it

Unlike most mobile field solutions, this invaluable tool was built on and around cell communication platforms from its inception, 12 years ago. As the leader in real-time smart phone mobile field solutions, Digital Dispatcher provides all the benefits of full route optimization, on-site invoicing, fleet tracking, field management software, and more. All of this is provided on the latest Android military spec smart phones or tablet computers using your present mobile phone contract. In order to get this combined functionality via other solutions it would cost thousands more per vehicle and require multiple monthly contracts. Due to Digital Dispatcher’s focus on the newest smart phone/tablet platform and simplified architecture, it has more useful features than the rest, can be implemented quickly, and will provide a full payback in months, not years.

Grow your profits immediately without adding additional payroll or vehicle assets while reducing administrative and operational costs with a solution that has been the industry leader for over 12 years. Choose Digital Dispatcher.

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