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Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce Fuel Costs By 20% or More

Put an End to Wasted Fuel

With gas and diesel prices rising, the last thing you want to do is waste fuel. But that’s what you’re doing every time your drivers take inefficient routes, get lost, or are assigned to routes that are not created for optimal density and order.

Digital Dispatcher’s combination of Fleet Tracking, Optimal Route Creation, and Dynamic Route Optimization allows you to immediately eliminate fuel wasting activities that burn through money.

Maximum Vehicle Usage

We provide a number of ways for you to contain your fleet fuel costs. In fact, with our intuitive, easy to use tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Review miles driven to Optimum miles planned to see actual inefficiency

  • Minimize daily vehicle mileage and vehicle “wear and tear”

  • Maximize routing through combination of Route Optimizer and Fleet Tracking

  • Minimize unprofitable driver windshield time

  • Significantly reduce payroll costs

Maximum savings in vehicle fuel, vehicle maintenance, and field payroll time via the multiple tools available from a full suite of solutions to include: Route Creation, Route Optimization, Fleet Tracking, and Inventory Tracking Systems

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