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Reduce Operating Expenses

Improve Your Business and Spend Less to Run It

To get the most out of your business – and keep costs in check – you need to make sure your drivers and entire fleet are operating as efficiently as possible.

With our fleet tracking system, you can boost productivity across the board while reducing a whole host of operating costs:

  • Reduce wear and tear/vehicle maintenance costs via fewer miles driven

  • Trim unnecessary fuel costs

  • Cut excessive overtime pay

  • Reduce fleet size

  • Avoid adding staff as your business grows via staff efficiency

  • Reduce communication costs

Here are some examples of how you can accomplish your goals using Digital Dispatcher’s fleet tracking, route optimizing, point of sale multi-tool solution:

  1. Reduce Vehicle Maintenance, Breakdowns, and DOT Fines: These unproductive and costly time-wasters can be significantly reduced. With our system, you can have electronic proof of all pre-trip and post-trip inspections, ensuring small issues are caught before they grow into costly problems. Reducing miles driven via route optimization, turn by turn directions, etc. means less vehicle wear-and-tear and fewer trips to the mechanic’s. Reduce Fuel Costs

  2. Reducing fuel costs is really all about reducing miles driven. By approaching this from multiple directions you get much more savings than by just one alone. The combination of fleet tracking, activity tracking, dynamic route optimization and route density tools have an overall affect that can be dramatic

  3. Reduce Payroll Costs: As the entire team becomes more efficient and accountable, the field team can quickly perform 10-20% more jobs/deliveries, allowing you to virtually eliminate overtime while taking on more revenue-enhancing activities.

  4. Employ the Latest in Combined Technology Solutions: Take a quantum leap in management efficiencies to free up time for you and your staff, enabling you to focus on more important initiatives. Make life easy for you and your staff by employing one simple to use technology that does it all.

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