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Mobile Hand-Held Computer

Today’s smart-phones and tablets are 10x more powerful than the computers that landed man on the moon. We harness that power for you.

Smart phone and tablet intergration

Enjoy the easy to use field mobile management software suite on the latest Google Android devices.

Receive, capture, store and transmit mission critical data to and from the field and your office host application.

By keeping the office on the pulse of all field operations, Digital Dispatcher allows you to improve customer service, control costs, monitor inventory, process and post work automatically, and measure productivity in real time.

The smartphone/tablet interfaces wirelessly with other hardware such as meters and printers to load and retrieve data. Field personnel can also manually input data to be stored and forwarded by the phone.

The mobile smartphone/tablet functions seamlessly with Digital Dispatcher applications in its role as:

  • Barcode, RFI or Near-Field-Communication Scanner

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation device

  • Speech to Text device

  • Camera, video camera and audio recorder

  • (Available in rugged, military spec versions)

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Route Optimization X.png
Real Time Updates X.png
Fleet Tracking X.png
Point of Sale Invoicing X.png
Inventory Tracking X.png
Instant Dispatch X.png
Electronic Batch Posting X.png
Turn By Turn Directions X.png
Flat Rate Billing X.png
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