Fleet Fueling

What it is

Digital Dispatcher’s Fleet Fueling application is a mobile field management software solution that combines multiple technology tools, such as:

  • Wireless Point of Sale Invoicing

  • Field printed detailed fleet fueling reports

  • Inventory Tracking and Data capture

  • Wireless Dispatching Suite

  • Barcode and RFI Scanning enabled hand-held computer

  • Fleet Tracking

  • Route Optimization solution

  • Operates in real-time on the newest, most robust Android platforms using any cellular network.

Digital Dispatcher is the newest generation of multi-function mobile field management solutions designed to increase efficiency, cut costs, improve customer service and grow profits. Designed specifically for fleet fueling, Digital Dispatcher is the most affordable and easy-to-deploy mobile field management system available.

What it does

  • Drivers communicate with the truck’s electronic meter from their mobile hand-held computer (smart-phone/tablet).

  • The mobile hand-held captures the vehicle ID of the unit being fueled via a barcode or RFI reading, and captures the volume dispensed into that unit via a wireless connection with the meter register. This eliminates the need for the driver to return to the meter to manually record the delivery volume.

  • The mobile hand-held (smart-phone/tablet) records the volume data for each unit in the customer’s fleet.

  • The delivery detail and aggregate data can be printed in the field and transmitted to the host office for review and processing.

  • The dispatcher can wirelessly transmit individual deliveries, full delivery routes or even transfer work between drivers, directly to the driver’s mobile hand-held (smart-phone or tablet) without the need for time consuming phone calls.

  • The mobile computer provides the driver with turn-by-turn directions.

  • Valuable management and operations reports can be generated to measure and drive productivity.

Why you need it

Digital Dispatcher save a surprising amount of time and money, allowing you to focus more attention on customer service, operations and sales.

  • Save 10,000-$20,000 per vehicle via Digital Dispatcher.

  • Implement a cost effective solution that leverages new technology in a way that significantly improves profit.

  • Gain top and bottom line growth and

  • Leap ahead of the competition in customer focused service.

  • Spearhead the newest (proven) technology solution on an Android based smart-phone/tablet.

  • Provide your staff with a new level of control, saving time and allowing jobs to be done better and faster.

  • Be known as a leader that has uncommon control and knowledge of your business via the real-time management and reporting functionality in Digital Dispatcher.

  • DD has been a proven industry leader for over twelve years. Watch profits grow while reducing administrative and operational costs.

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