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Extend Fleet Life

Fleet Tracking + Optimized Routing = Extended Fleet Life

Reduced mileage of 10-20% is a common benefit of both Fleet Tracking and Optimized Routing for a total reduction to regularly range from 20-40% or more. Additionally, with electronically tracked pre-trip inspections and accountability, small issues can be caught before they become costly mechanical problems. This all means that you:

  • Reduce maintenance costs considerably

  • Reduce DOT fines

  • Reduce costly vehicle down time

  • Reduce the number of vehicles you need to replace by 20-40%

The cumulative savings from purchasing one less vehicle every year can be as much as $1 million in 8 years for most delivery companies.

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Route Optimization X.png
Real Time Updates X.png
Fleet Tracking X.png
Point of Sale Invoicing X.png
Inventory Tracking X.png
Instant Dispatch X.png
Electronic Batch Posting X.png
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