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Fleet Tracking

What it is

Track your vehicles’ work progress in real time. Know where your vehicles are, what jobs they have completed, available inventory, what jobs they are doing next, and remaining work load. Access this information from your office or mobile computer. At the end of day, easily compare mileage driven versus optimum mileage for a quick measurement of driving efficiency. Gain control over your valuable assets by knowing exact location and driving efficiency. Digital Dispatcher is designed for field delivery and service businesses of all sizes. It is the most affordable and easy-to-deploy mobile field management system available, designed by the industry leader in mobile technology.

What it does

  • Cell phone or tablet Android device communicates wirelessly and automatically giving the office the location of field assets at each service call and delivery.

  • Keeps your office “in-the-know” about field asset location, allowing them to answer customer calls about service times.

  • Helps dispatcher identify the closest asset to a same day or emergency call without ever even needing to call the driver/tech.

  • Captures GPS location data for each service call and delivery, supplying the office with proof of service and confirming location for more accurate routing in the future.

  • When handset is out of cellular range it holds all location information until it receives a better signal and automatically communicates at that time.

  • Works with Android devices (Rugged Military Spec versions available).

Why you need it

As vehicle and payroll costs rise, savvy managers are leveraging technology to optimize the use of all their expensive field assets. This allows users to grow their bottom line profits. Minimizing miles driven quickly reduces vehicle and payroll costs. Arm your office and field personnel with the tools to operate faster and smarter. Increase their ability to serve more customers. Increase revenues while significantly cutting operating expenses.

  • Cut costs while improving customer service.

  • Implement a cost effective solution that leverages new technology in a way that significantly improves profit.

  • Provide your staff with a new level of control that saves time.

  • Ensure the right vehicle is dispatched to each call based on their real-time location.

  • Provide greater control and insight in real-time to management from any location.

A more affordable solution

Unlike most Fleet Tracking solutions, Digital Dispatcher provides all the benefits of fleet tracking while providing full route optimization, on-site invoicing, fleet tracking, real-time work order status, and field management software. All of this is provided on your present mobile phone contract so you don’t have to purchase multiple cellular and satellite contracts. Since it resides on the latest Android military spec smartphones or tablet computers, the system integrates all the additional functionality now available from Google mobile devices like turn-by-turn directions and voice-to-text communication. In order to get this combined functionality in other solutions it would cost thousands more per vehicle and multiple monthly contracts. The Digital Dispatcher solution is also very easy to install, taking a fraction of the time of other solutions. It is an affordable solution that can be implemented quickly while providing a full payback in months, not years.

Increase Profits immediately without adding additional payroll or vehicle assets. Reduce administrative and operational costs with a solution that has been the industry leader for over 12 years.

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