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Training Cheat Sheets

This password protected, customer-only training content gives you all the information you need to master the software. Click the side menu to begin your Digital Dispatcher Jedi training.

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1. Select File from the tool bar and a menu list will open.

2. Select Products from the menu and another small menu will open.

3. Select B.O.L. Products from the menu and a window will open labeled Bill of Laden Products.

4. Select Add from the window tool bar and the Add/Edit BOL Product window will open.


5. Start to enter the data in the following fields.

  • BOL Product Code- Assign a simple code number to identify the BOL Product such as 2 for #2 Heating Oil. Make sure this product code is also assigned to the trucks compartment as it will be used to identify the product a driver loads when he sends back his loading data.

  • Description- Enter a short description of the product.

  • Back Office Code- This will usually be the same as the BOL Product Code.

6. Select Add/Edit to save and list the product code.

7. Once you have created all of the B.O.L. Product codes that the drivers will be using to send back their loading data, you must now go back to the Account Product table and assign all of the product codes to a B.O.L. Product Code.

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