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Training Cheat Sheets

This password protected, customer-only training content gives you all the information you need to master the software. Click the side menu to begin your Digital Dispatcher Jedi training.

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Begin your shift by running a start shift report from the LCR register. Make sure that you have a blank ticket or a thermal paper roll in the slip printer. Go to the register and move the red selector knob to the Shift Print position. Hold the knob in this position for 5 seconds or more and then move the knob back to the print position. Go back to the truck cab and retrieve the printed shift report.

To enter your shift data into the application, do the following:

1. Start the Delivery app on the smart phone/tablet.

2. Select Shift from the main screen of the app and the Shift Report screen will open.

3. Touch the Start Odometer field and enter your beginning odometer reading.

4. Select Next from the key pad and enter the register totalizer number. This number is located on the start shift report you ran from the register.

5. Select Next again from the key pad and then select Done. At this point the key pad will disappear.

6. From the shift report screen select Save and the screen will change back to the main app menu.

After all of your deliveries are completed for the day you will repeat the above procedures. Only this time you will be entering the end odometer and totalizer numbers.

1. After you have entered odometer and totalizer numbers, select Done. The key pad will disappear.

2. Select Save from the shift report screen and the screen will change back to the main app menu.

3. Select Shift once again from the main app menu and the shift report window will open showing the option to send or print.

4. Make sure you have a blank ticket in the printer and select Print. A report will now print, showing the amount of gallons delivered and miles traveled, for the shift. You also have the option of sending the shift report by email.

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