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Training Cheat Sheets

This password protected, customer-only training content gives you all the information you need to master the software. Click the side menu to begin your Digital Dispatcher Jedi training.

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Route Optimization X.png
Real Time Updates X.png
Fleet Tracking X.png
Point of Sale Invoicing X.png
Inventory Tracking X.png
Instant Dispatch X.png
Electronic Batch Posting X.png
Turn By Turn Directions X.png
Flat Rate Billing X.png


You can arrange columns either on the main DELIVERY screen or a truck ASSIGN screen. Each user can change the order of columns for their own personal viewing.

1. Place your mouse cursor in the column header of the column you wish to move and hold the left mouse button down.

2. While holding the left mouse button drag the mouse right or left until the column header name is in the area of the screen that you want the column to appear.

3. Release the mouse button and the column will now be in its new location.

By using this feature, you can have all of the frequently viewed columns appear in the main viewing area of the screen and the least viewed columns appear to the far right hand side of the screen were you would have to scroll over to see.

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