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Training Cheat Sheets

This password protected, customer-only training content gives you all the information you need to master the software. Click the side menu to begin your Digital Dispatcher Jedi training.

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How to send back a Loading from the Tablet

1. Open the Delivery app on your smart phone/tablet.

2. Select Loading from the main screen and the Loading window will open to make your entries.

3. Enter a Bill of Laden product code in the Product field.

4. Enter the net Volume loaded in the Volume field; then select ADD.

5. After you select Add, another window will open so that you may add additional information about the loading. For example, you can enter the BOL# in the SALE # field, NOTES, or location # in the location filed (the blank box to the right of the Acct field).

6. At the bottom of the screen select SAVE after you have made all of your entries.

7. After you select SAVE, the screen will change back to the main Delivery App screen. At this point select CHECK to send the data back to the office so that it updates the on-board volume.

8. Select VOLUME ON BOARD from the apps main screen and you can see the updated volume for the product code that you entered.

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